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The last article in this miniseries focused on Margaritas journey to Denmark and the challenges she faced in finding a job. The article presented some of her recommendations along with her view of internationals applying for jobs in Denmark. If you haven’t read it, the link is here. in this article, the last of three, we meet Marwan an Egyptian man who have succeeded in landing a job in Denmark.  

I am Marwan …

The motivation for this miniseries was a short workshop for international job seekers in Denmark, which we held in collaboration with Career Denmark. One of the speakers at the event was Marwan, and this short article outlines his professional career. Marwan like many other internationals struggled to find job in Denmark, but he managed to crack the code and is now fulltime employed at Stibo Systems. In this article, we look at how he managed to land a job in Denmark, and he will pass on his knowledge about job search from an international perspective. 

Culture is critical 

When Marwan moved to Denmark, he hoped and believed that his work experience and skills alone would help him land a job in Denmark – but it took a bit longer than expected. Marwan explains: “To me it was mostly the language barrier which caused some difficulties in landing a job”. Furthermore, he found it very challenging that many job posts stated Danish as a requirement, and from those few who did not, he usually received a short rejection letter without any explanation other than they found someone better. “It is very frustrating when you do not get any constructive feedback on your application as it makes the process of improving your material and in the end landing a job much harder”. 

“In Egypt the job search process is a bit different than in Denmark. In Egypt they usually give you a more elaborated reason why you did not get the job. Moreover, the Danish job market is much more interested to learn about your personal life. In Egypt they only care for your skills and your personal life is not an important part of landing a job”. After realizing this important cultural difference, Marwan started to add more information about his personal life to his applications.  

1001 job applications 

Marwan’s advice for other candidates who are searching for a job in Denmark is to keep applying and do not lose faith in you. It is important to call the company to follow up on your applications, in order to learn and improve from the experience. Furthermore, he advices others to adapt to the culture, learn from others and ask for advice. Marwan says: “I’d suggest others keep trying, don’t give up, and let your application reflect your personality as much as your professional skills”. It is important not to take rejections personally, and you have to keep applying for jobs. You should have the mentality that the next application probably will land you a job, even though you have already sent out 1000 applications.   

If you are interested in learning more about job search in Denmark, we recommend that you read through our guides about job search in Denmark. If you take advantage of these advice, and also read our other guides about job search, we think that you will be able to improve your job search process and increase your chances of landing a job in the future. 

Good luck with your job search!

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